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Thursday, October 11, 2018


The 2018-18 Vatican City football season concluded back in June with the Supercoppa Vaticana between Rappresentativa OPBG, winners of the league championship, and Musei Vaticani, who won this year's Coppa Sergio Valci, the ACDV's equivalent of the FA Cup, after defeating 2016-17 league champions Santos in the final.

One of the most notable aspects of the cup competitiion was the bringing out of mothballs of the Coppa Amicizia as a three-match competition for the teams placed fifth to eighth in the Coppa Sergio Valci, and this was won by PUL (Pontificia Università Laterale), who defeated Fortitudo 2007 by three goals to nil in the final.

Musei Vaticani won this season's Coppa Sergio Valci despite drawing their first two matches of the group stage and needing penalties to overcome Dirtel in the semi-finals. Santos defeated Rappresentativa OPBG, the team from the Rome-based Ospedale Pediatrico Bambin Gesù (Baby Jesus Paedratric Hospital) in the other semi-final, but their hopes of regaining the trophy they last won in 2016 were dashed by goals from Federico Berdini and Gianluca Lorizio in the final. It was Musei Vaticani's first Coppa Sergio Valci win in three years.

Please find below the results to hand from this year's Coppa Sergio Valci; unfortunately, it would appear that the results from the third round of group matches have been mislaid by the ACDV (the Vatican City's FA).


09/04/18 20:00 Rappresentativa OPBG 0:0 Musei Vaticani
09/04/18 21:00 Guardia 0:4 PUL (Elia 2, Rita, Secco)
17/04/18 20:00 PUL 1:1 Musei Vaticani (Tumiel; Paolone)
17/04/18 21:00 Guardia 1:2 Rappresentativa OPBG (Kolly; Albano, Di Cecca)
24/04/18 20:00 Rappresentativa OPBG : PUL
24/04/18 21:00 Musei Vaticani : Guardia


10/04/18 20:00 Dirtel 4:4 Fortitudo 2007 (Goxhaj 2, Chirieletti, Pacenza; Sperati 3, Grecco)
10/04/18 21:00 Archivio 2:2 Santos (Salvati, Perucci; Quarta, Perrotti)
16/04/18 20:00 Santos 3:1 Fortitudo 2007 (Quarta, Perrotti, Casciani; NA)
16/04/18 21:00 Archivio 3:4 Dirtel (Salvati 2, Zenobi; Goxhaj 2, Chirieletti 2)
25/04/18 20:00 Dirtel : Santos
25/04/18 21:00 Fortitudo 2007 : Archivio


15/05/18 20:00 Rappresentativa OPBG 0:1 Santos (Quarta)
15/05/18 21:00 Dirtel 1:1 Musei Vaticani (Chirieletti; Berdini) (Musei Vaticani won 4:1 on pens.)


16/05/18 20:00 PUL 7:1 Archivio (Menesto' 2, Rita 2, Chiamori, Curata De Pietro, Tumiel; Malizia)
16/05/18 21:00 Fortitudo 2007 2:0 Guardia (Sperati 2)


23/05/18 20:00 PUL 3:0 Fortitudo 2007 (Secco, Curata De Pietro, Menesto')


23/05/18 21:00 Santos 0:2 Musei Vaticani (Berdini, Lorizio)


10/06/18 Rappresentativa OPBG 2:1 Musei Vaticani (scorers unknown) 

FRIENDLY (Schaan, Liechtenstein)

16/06/2018 Azzurri Schaan 8:1 Vatican City (scorers unknown)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Many thanks to the ACDV for forwarding the above information contained in the article. Apologies that the digest is somewhat incomplete due to the scores and scorers from the third round of group matches going missing, plus the scorers from the Supercoppa Vaticana and the national team's friendly in Liechtenstein were not forwarded. As and when the scores have been found and forwarded, the article will, of course, be updated.