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Monday, May 16, 2011


The draw for the 2011 NatWest Island Games Men's football tournament, to be held in the Isle of Wight between Sunday 26/6/11 and Friday 1/7/11, has been made. The draw, which originally took place on 5/5/11, was thrown into doubt after concerns were raised about the format of the competition and the ability to complete the competition within the dates above, while ensuring that all of the competing teams will get to play a reasonable number of games.

The following quote formed the main body of a press-release from the IGA, published on 9/5/11, confirming that the original draw was validated after an Extraordinary Meeting of the Football Technical Committee:

"Following a full assessment of all the circumstances there was full agreement that to adhere to the Bye-laws relating to the structure to be followed where the tournament involves 10 or 15 teams – as is the case this year with both the Women's and Men's tournaments – could place an unreasonable physical burden on the players of the successful teams because of the pressures of the number of games to be played within the six day games schedule. The representatives were very aware however, that there is a real need to ensure that all teams do get a reasonable number of matches.

"It was therefore agreed, within the provisions of the Bye-laws, not only to endorse the original draw but also to follow the established practice of play off matches for teams failing to reach the semi final stages. By this means the meeting felt that all teams will play a reasonable number of games whilst the tournament will remain within established Island Games procedures."

The draw for both the Men's and Women's tournaments is as follows (competing islands are listed in alphabetical order):


Group A: Greenland, Jersey, Menorca and Rhodes

Group B: Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Wight and Ynys Môn

Group C: Falkland Islands, Gotland, Guernsey and Isle of Man

Group D: Aland, Saaremaa and Western Isles


Group A: Aland, Hitra, Isle of Wight, Jersey

Group B: Gibraltar, Greenland, Isle of Man

Group C: Gotland, Saaremaa, Western Isles

The group games will be followed by a series of consolation play-offs and the semi-finals, all of which will be held on 30/6/11 , with the 3rd/4th-place play off and the Final to be played on 1/7/11.

It is to be hoped that permission will be granted by the IGA, the Isle of Wight FA and the NatWest Island Games 2011 to publish the full fixture-list for both the Men's and Women's competitions on this blog before the end of this incoming week.

To find out more about the NatWest Island Games 2011, please visit their website:

ADDENDUM: To view the fixture-list for the men's tournament, please visit the link below:

To view the fixture-list for the women's tournament, please visit the link below:


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Many and sincere thanks are due to Amanda Sheridan from the OC for the NatWest Island Games 2011 and also for the Isle of Wight FA for granting permission to publish details of the draw. Again, as soon as the full fixture-lists for both tournaments are received officially and permission is granted to publish same on this blog, they will be made available to view.

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