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Sunday, August 21, 2011


The draw for the Pacific Games' Women's tournament, which is due to be held in New Caledonia at the end of this month, took place just under a month ago, and will feature nine national sides from across the Pacific region.

The competition was originally intended to form the basis for the OFC qualifiers for the 2012 Olympic Games, but that plan had to be shelved following the inclusion of Guam, a member nation of the AFC, in the tournament. A separate competition, featuring the eight OFC teams involved in this tournament plus New Zealand, will be held towards the end of this year to determine the Oceania representatives at the Games, which will themselves take place in various locations across the UK in August next year.

The fixture-list for the Pacific Games Women's tournament is outlined below.


27/8/11     10:00    Papua New Guinea : Tahiti (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
27/8/11     15:00    Solomon Islands : New Caledonia (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
29/8/11     10:00    Papua New Guinea : American Samoa (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
29/8/11     15:00    Tahiti : New Caledonia (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
31/8/11     13:00    New Caledonia : American Samoa (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
31/8/11     15:00    Tahiti : Solomon Islands (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
2/9/11       09:00    American Samoa : Solomon Islands (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
2/9/11       11:00    New Caledonia : Papua New Guinea (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
5/9/11       09:00    American Samoa : Tahiti (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
5/9/11       11:00    Solomon Islands : Papua New Guinea (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)


31/8/11     09:00    Cook Islands : Guam (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
31/8/11     11:00    Tonga : Fiji (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
2/9/11       13:00    Guam : Fiji (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
2/9/11       15:00    Tonga : Cook Islands (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
5/9/11       13:00    Guam : Tonga (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)
5/9/11       15:00    Fiji : Cook Islands (Stade PLGC, Nouméa)


7/9/11       10:00    (Stade Yoshida, Koné)
7/9/11       10:00    (Stade Hnasse, Lifou)


9/9/11        10:00    (Stade Hnasse, Lifou)


9/9/11        17:30    (Stade Numa Daly, Nouméa)

Please note that kick-off times are under local (New Caledonian) time.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Many thanks to Priscilla Duncan, on behalf of the OFC, for granting permission to publish the above fixture-list. Information on the Pacific Games Women's tournament, and, indeed, on all things related to football in Oceania, can be found on

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