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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The Pacific Games took place in New Caledonia between 27/9/11-9/9/11, and, as was widely expected, the hosts won the Men's football tournament after defeating the Solomon Islands 2:0 in the nation's capital, Nouméa. Tahiti took third place after a 2:1 win against Fiji.

The tournament was to have been the first stage of the OFC's qualification process for the 2014 World Cup, but the inclusion of AFC side Guam in the tournament scuppered that idea. (A separate preliminary tournament will be held shortly, and details will be printed on this blogsite in due course.)

Tuvalu, coached by ex-Holland Under-21 manager Foppe de Haan, and Kiribati, both associate members of the OFC, also took part, along with Papua New Guinea, American Samoa, Cook Islands and Tahiti. Samoa, who will be hosting the 2014 World Cup preliminary competition, did not take part, preferring to keep their powder dry for the prelims.

Please find below the results for the Men's tournament.


27/8/11 09:00 Tuvalu 4:0 American Samoa (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
27/8/11 12:00 Solomon Islands 7:0 Guam (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
27/8/11 15:00 New Caledonia 5:0 Vanuatu (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
30/8/11 09:00 Vanuatu 5:1 Tuvalu (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
30/8/11 12:00 American Samoa 0:4 Solomon Islands (Stade Boewa, Boulari)
30/8/11 15:00 Guam 0:9 New Caledonia (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
1/9/11 09:00 American Samoa 0:2 Guam (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
1/9/11 12:00 Tuvalu 0:8 New Caledonia (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
1/9/11 15:00 Vanuatu 1:0 Solomon Islands (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
3/9/11 09:00 Guam 1:4 Vanuatu (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
3/9/11 12:00 Solomon Islands 6:1 Tuvalu (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
3/9/11 15:00 New Caledonia 8:0 American Samoa (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
5/9/11 09:00 Guam 1:1 Tuvalu (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
5/9/11 12:00 American Samoa 0:8 Tuvalu (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)
5/9/11 15:00 Solomon Islands 2:1 New Caledonia (Rivière Salée, Nouméa)


NEW CALEDONIA/5/0/1/31/2/12/+29
SOLOMON ISLANDS/5/0/1/19/3/12/+16
AMERICAN SAMOA/5/0/0/5/0/26/0/-26


27/8/11 10:00 Papua New Guinea 4:0 Cook Islands (Stade Boewa, Boulari)
27/8/11 15:00 Fiji 3:0 Tahiti (Stade Boewa, Boulari)
30/8/11 10:00 Fiji 9:0 Kiribati (Stade Boewa, Boulari)
30/8/11 15:00 Tahiti 7:0 Cook Islands (Stade Boewa, Boulari)
1/9/11 10:00 Cook Islands 3:0 Kiribati (Stade Boewa, Boulari)
1/9/11 15:00 Tahiti 1:1 Papua New Guinea (Stade Boewa, Boulari)
3/9/11 10:00 Kiribati 1:17 Papua New Guinea (Stade Boewa, Boulari)
3/9/11 15:00 Cook Islands 1:4 Fiji (Stade Boewa, Boulari)
5/9/11 10:00 Kiribati 1:17 Tahiti (Stade Boewa, Boulari)
5/9/11 15:00 Papua New Guinea 0:2 Fiji (Stade Boewa, Boulari)


PAPUA NEW GUINEA/4/2/1/1/22/4/7/+18
COOK ISLANDS/4/1/0/3/4/15/-11/3


7/9/11 15:00 New Caledonia 3:1 Tahiti (Stade Yoshida, Koné)
7/9/11 15:00 Solomon Islands 2:1 Fiji (Stade Hnasse, Lifou)


9/9/11 15:00 Tahiti 2:1 Fiji(Stade Boewa, Boulari)


9/9/11 15:00 New Caledonia 2:0 Solomon Islands (Stade Numa Daly, Nouméa)

Please note that kick-off times listed are under local (New Caledonian) time.

AUTHO'R'S NOTE: Many thanks are due once again to Priscilla Duncan from the OFC for granting permission to publish the above. Please go to for more information on the Pacific Games, and on football in the Oceania region in general.

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