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Friday, June 1, 2012


The vast majority of the footballing world's attention is firmly fixed on the upcoming Euro 2012 tournament, but in one small (and largely ignored) corner of the globe, that is an irrelevance, for the time being, at least. In Oceania, the 2012 OFC Nations Cup will be held in the Solomon Islands from 1/6/12/10/6/12, and the tournament also doubles as the second round of OFC qualification for the 2014 World Cup, featuring the continent's top seven national sides plus the winner of the first round of matches, Samoa.

The OFC Nations Cup was due to take place in Fiji, but - allegedly , according to the website - due to an ongoing dispute between OFC general secretary Tai Nicholas and the Fijian authorities, the Fijian football authorities lost the right to host the tournament. The OFC, meanwhile, gave a more succinct reasoning for their decision: "The OFC Nations Cup was originally scheduled to be held in Fiji but the 2012 OFC Events Calendar went under review at the end of last year during which a number of factors were considered for all tournaments, including participation, logistics, finance and other matters."

The 2012 OFC Nations Cup tournament then opened up to bidding from OFC member nations, and two of them - New Caledonia, hosts of last year's Pacific Games, and the Solomon Islands - submitted bids. The right to host the tournament was awarded to the Solomon Islands at the end of March, and all matches will take place at the Lawson Tama stadium in the capital, Honiara. The stadium has a capacity of some 25000 people and is one of the largest in Oceania.

Group B is perhaps the most fascinating of the two and featuring three of Oceania's heavyweights - Fiji, red-hot favourites New Zealand, and the hosts Solomon Islands - and Papua New Guinea, who might just prove to be a handful. New Caledonia are expected to dominate proceedings in Group A, but Vanuatu and a resurgent Tahiti side might have something to say about that. Samoa, meanwhile, are expected to be the group's whipping-boys, but as their near-neighbours American Samoa showed during the first round of qualification, football is full of surprises.  

Please see below the fixture-list for the 2012 OFC Nations Cup. All kick-off times are local.


New Caledonia, Samoa, Tahiti, New Caledonia

1/6/12 12:00 Samoa : Tahiti
1/6/12 15:00 Vanuatu : New Caledonia
3/6/12 12:00 Vanuatu : Samoa
3/6/12 15:00 Tahiti : New Caledonia
5/6/12 12:00 New Caledonia : Samoa
5/6/12 Tahiti : Vanuatu


Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands

2/6/12 12:00 Fiji : New Zealand
2/6/12 15:00 Solomon Islands : Papua New Guinea
4/6/12 12:00 Papua New Guinea : New Zealand
4/6/12 15:00 Fiji : Solomon Islands
6/6/12 12:00 Papua New Guinea : Fiji
6/6/12 15:00 New Zealand : Solomon Islands


8/6/12 11:00 Winner Gp A : Runner-up Gp B (SF1)
8/6/12 15:00 Winner Gp B : Runner-up Gp A (SF2)


10/6/12 11:00 Loser SF1 : Loser SF2


10/6/12 15:00 Winner SF1 : Winner SF2

VENUE (for all matches): Lawson Tama Stadium, HONIARA
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Many thanks, as always, to the OFC for the ability to publish the fixture-list. To find out much, much more on football in Oceania, kindly visit and be enthralled!

The website, meanwhile, can be found under
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  1. Solomon Islands Bonito team has a very positive strength to over come All white if it is for another round of 90 mins.

  2. Solomon Football Team will scare everyone of them. That's what I think. What about you?