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Friday, January 11, 2013


The second-smallest of the main inhabited Channel Islands, Sark, has been the subject of much curiosity from football fans both on and off the internet in recent years, whether it has been caused by the history of the game on the island, the island's representative team dipping its toes in international action by way of its participation in the 2003 Island Games, or the travails of Sark Football Club, which was founded in 2001.

There is no complete list of results of games involving Sark Football Club - as opposed to the Sark representative side which took part in the Island Games - or its unofficial predecessors, but, with a lot of help from Sark FC club secretary Chris Drillot, Pat's Football Blog is able to provide a list of results which could be regarded as being reasonably, if not absolutely, comprehensive. Hence, the word "a" is used in the title instead of "the."

Sark FC's goalscorers are listed where possible; some are listed by first name or nickname only and is, admittedly, incomplete. That is at least in part due to the transient nature of life on Sark, at least as far as work is concerned. Sark FC play only occasionally, and a number of workers at one of the island's tourist establishments play perhaps once for the team before departing the island. To quote Chris Drillot: "We [Sark] have a lot of workers who come and go, and we only find out their first name or nickname."

Please note that not all of the scorers, dates or venues are listed.


01/08/02 Sark FC 3:1 St. Martin's (Wayne Dolan 2, Stuart Forbes)
26/10/02 Sark FC 4:2 Rovers (Gary Hamon 3, Chris Drillot)
09/11/02 Sark FC 0:2 Rockmount
23/11/02 Sark FC 0:2 Belgrave Wanderers


11/01/03 Sark FC 0:1 Sylvans
01/03/03 Sark FC 1:1 Rockmount (Gary Hamon)
15/03/03 Sark FC 7:2 North (Stuart Forbes 4, Wayne Dolan 2, Ian Southern)
03/05/03 Sark FC 1:3 Rangers
17/05/03 Sark FC 2:5 Rothschild Bank
??/05/03 Sark FC 1:1 Port City
??/09/03 Sark FC 12:0 Roy's Ceramics Ladies - Record win for Sark FC
25/10/03 Sark FC 1:0 Cable & Wireless (Simon Elmont)


??/09/04 Sark FC 3:4 Martel's Garden World (Simon Elmont 2, Kevin McMullen)
18/09/04 Moorings Bar 3:0 Sark FC  - GFA Cup
02/10/04 Sark FC 1:2 Cable & Wireless (Simon Elmont)


09/05/05 Sark FC 0:2 Rockmount
16/05/05 Sark FC 1:4 Rovers
08/10/05 Sark FC 2:3 GFA XI (Mark Skillet 2) - Official opening of Sark FC pitch
15/10/05 Collins Stewart 3:2 Sark FC (Mark Skillet 2) - GFA Cup
22/10/05 Sark FC 5:1 Cable & Wireless  


18/02/06 Sark FC 0:2 Rangers
??/09/06 Sark FC 4:3 Trinity United
??/09/06 Sark FC 1:1 Rocquaine United
??/10/06 St. Martins 9:0 Sark FC - GFA Cup   

10/03/07 Sark FC 1:5 Cable & Wireless
28/10/07 Collins Stewart 11:1 Sark FC (Gary Hamon) - GFA Cup


21/06/08 Sark FC 1:2 Rothschild Bank (Roland)
19/07/08 Sark FC 5:1 Dixcart Trust (Leon Burleson, Dan, Roland, Stevie Burgess)
26/07/08 Sark FC 4:1 HMS Cattistock
02/08/08 Sark FC 6:3 Earlswood (Jason Lewis 2, Stevie Burgess 2, Stuart Penny, Roland)
09/08/08 Sark FC 2:4 FCR


24/04/09 Sark FC 1:8 St.-Brelade (Steven Hyde)
??/05/09 Sark FC 1:4 Revenge (Dan)
08/08/09 Sark FC 8:1 Dixcart Trust Gary Hamon 2, Charles Carré 2, Stuart Forbes, Charlie Curtis, Dan, AN Other)
22/08/09 Sark FC 4:4 Rockmount Oldies (Patrick Dewe 3, Charles Carré)
??/09/09 Sark FC 0:4 New Rockmount


28/03/11 Bells 2:0 Sark FC
14/05/11 Sark FC 3:1 HMS Ledbury (Gary Hamon, Charles Carré, Carl Wallbridge)
04/08/11 Sark FC 1:2 Port City (Jacob Boerenbeker)
12/11/11 Sark FC 4:1 SBC (Scott 2, Dean Southern, Charles Carré)


11/03/12 Sark FC 0:0 SBC (4:3 on penalties)
05/04/12 Sark FC 2:5 Brent's Boys FC (Jay Shuttleworth 2)
07/04/12 Sark FC 3:1 Pony FC (Jacob Boerenbeker, Jay Shuttleworth, Gary Hamon)
16/04/12 Sark FC 9:1 Unknown (Jay Shuttleworth 5, Dean Southern, Chris Raabianski, Richie Blair, Charlie Cowell)
12/05/12 Sark FC 3:1 Victoriana FC (Liam Timpson, Dean Southern, Charles Carré)
16/06/12 Sark FC 6:2 Old Gits (Gary Hamon 2, Jay Shuttleworth, Joshua BR Armorgie, Dean Southern, Chris Raabianski)
07/07/12 Sark FC 2:4 Rangers Veterans (Jay Shuttleworth 2)
18/08/12 Sark FC 3:4 Brent's Boys FC (Charles Carré, Andrew Butt, Jacob Boerenbeker)
01/09/12 Sark FC 5:3 Port City (Duarte Reis 2, Charles Carré, Jay Shuttleworth, Joshua BR Armorgie)
29/09/12 Sark FC 3:2 Rockmount (Jay Shuttleworth 2, Charles Carré)
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Many thanks to Chris Drillot for his help in compiling the list and for granting permission to lift some of the above results from Sark FC's Facebook page. (Thanks are also due to Neil Williams for keeping the world and his dog up to date with fixtures, results and scorers on said page.) The other scores were procured from a variety of sources, including the website. If anyone has any further information on the above, kindly get in touch, ditto if there are any errors.

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