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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Please find below a list of all results from Tuvalu's tour of Holland which took place during the latter stages of 2013. Unfortunately, not all of the goalscorers are listed; additions to the records below would be warmly welcomed. 

There has also been some debate concerning the scoreline of the game between Tuvalu and RKVV Tongelre which took place on 12/10/13; the final score has been listed as 7:1 to Tuvalu in some quarters, when it was in fact 9:1 to the visitors. Match reports covering this and two other fixtures will be available to view on this blog shortly.

It should also be noted that there were several changes to the itinerary during the Tuvalu team's stay in Holland, and that their final match, which was due to take place against Wilhelmina '08 in Weert on 05/11/14, did not take place due to adverse weather conditions and a heavily waterlogged pitch.

22/08/13 VV Nieuweschoot 3:2 Tuvalu (Heerenveen) Alopua Petoa, Lutelu Tiute
25/08/13 VV Wilhelmus  10:1 Tuvalu (Voorburg) Alopua Petoa 
29/08/13 SV Panningen 4:2 Tuvalu (Panningen) Panapa Mafoa, Leiatu Uoli  

 A GOOD EVENING FOR IT: Tuvalu - in sky blue - line up against SV Panningen on 29/08/13 (for more on the game, kindly refer to the match report elsewhere on this blog)

31/08/13 SV Grootegast 1:0 Tuvalu (Grootegast)  
04/09/13 SC Stiens 5:1 Tuvalu (Stiens) Teake Filialofa 
07/09/13 VV Brederodes 5:0 Tuvalu (Vianen)
11/09/13 VV Brederodes (A1) 3:5 Tuvalu (Vianen) Telava Folitau (2), Eric Tealofi (2), Panapa Mafoa  
17/09/13 JVC Julianadorp 1:2 Tuvalu (Julianadorp) Telava Folitau, Lutelu Tiute
19/09/13 RKEDO (A1) 1:7 Tuvalu (Avenhorn) Telava Folitau (2), Panapa Mafoa (2), Nelesone Musika, Uota Ale, Afelee Valoa  
24/09/13 VV Annen 4:0 Tuvalu (Aa en Hunze/Annen)
25/09/13 Asser Boys 0:0 Tuvalu (Assen)
26/09/13 Dwingeloo 1:2 Tuvalu (Dwingeloo) Scorer(s) unknown
27/09/13 Rolder Boys 8:1 Tuvalu (Rolde) Taufaiva Ionatana  
02/10/13 SV Ysselsteyn 3:0 Tuvalu (Ysselsteyn)  
05/10/13 VV Baarlo 9:2 Tuvalu (Baarlo) Teake Filialofa, Alopua Petoa (pen)
09/10/13 RKDSV (A1) 0:3 Tuvalu (Diessen) Scorer(s) unknown
12/10/13 RKVV Tongelre 1:9 Tuvalu (Tongelre/Eindhoven) Sepe Willie Nokisi (3),Alopua Petoa (2), Telava Folitau (2), Taufaiva Ionatana, Tiely Selau  

A GOAL FOR EACH ISLAND (OR ATOLL): Tuvalu defeated host club RKVV Tongelre (in white shirts) 9:1 on 12/10;13 to lift the Herman Class Memorial Trophy, named in memory of Tongelre's former chairman, who sadly died suddenly exactly 100 days before the match took place

15/10/13 SV Orion 6:1 Tuvalu (Nijmegen) Scorer(s) unknown
17/10/13 VV Urk 3:0 Tuvalu (Urk)   

24/10/13 Ysselsteyn (A1) 0:5 Tuvalu (Ysselsteyn) Scorer(s) unknown
26/10/13 VV Elsendorp 0:2 Tuvalu (Elsendorp) Alopua Petoa (pen), Telava Folitau
29/10/13 Brabantia (A1) 2:3 Tuvalu (Eindhoven) Scorer(s) unknown
31/10/13 RKVVO 6:1 Tuvalu (Oerle) Lutelu Tiute 

 THE GAME THAT NEVER WAS: Tuvalu were due to finish their tour on 05/11/14 by playing Wilhelmina '08 in Weert, only for the game to be cancelled at 17:00 that afternoon due to the inclement weather and a waterlogged pitch
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Should anyone possess any further information regarding Tuvalu's goalscorers during the tour and would like to forward said information, kindly forward a message via the Pat's Football Blog page on Facebook. All photographs are author's own, and may be used providing acknowledgement is given.

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