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Friday, August 1, 2014


The headquarters of the GIF (Grønlands Idreæts-Forbund, Greenland's national sporting body) in the Greenlandic capital, Nuuk, played host to the draw for the 2014 Greenland national championship play-offs on 29/7/14. The tournament itself is due to begin on 4/8/14. 

Local club NÛK are the designated hosts for the tournament, which features eight teams in all, seven of which qualified for the tournament via regional tournaments held all over Greenland. NÛK, as hosts, did not have to participate in the qualifying rounds; they were awarded the tournament last year in recognition of the club's 80th anniversary.

After last year's drug and alcohol controversies featuring a number of players from B-67 and K-64, the GBU announced that there will be drug and alcohol tests at the national championships, and have taken delivery of testing equipment. According to local newspaper Sermitsiaq, the GBU were informed that a number of players from participating clubs (the identities of neither the players nor the clubs were divulged) have declined to make themselves available for the GM 2014 for fear of testing positive for drug use.

Tests shall be carried out during the tournament on an ad hoc basis, and also after matches. If two players from the same club test positive for drug or alcohol abuse, they shall be expelled from the tournament; the same fate awaits any club with two or more players in its squad who test positive.

All matches are scheduled to be shown live on national television station KNR, and several shall also be broadcast live on radio.

NOTE: Since this article was published, it was announced that TM-62, winners of the East Greenland regional championship, had pulled out due to financial reasons. As it appeared that no other side from East Greenland was ready to take part at such short notice, TM-62's place has been taken by the runners-up in the South Greenland tournament, Nagtoralik, who hail from the village of Paamiut, and who had claimed that they had been the victim of some irregular refereeing decisions during their qualifying match against Eqaluk 54. Now, Nagtoralik get to try their luck.

The competition kicks off on 4/8/14 with the match between host club NÛK and 2013 champions G-44. Please find below the draw for the 2014 GM play-off tournament; kick-off times are local. 

GROUP 1: Eqaluk 54 (Tasiusaq); B-67 (Nuuk); Nagdlúnguak (Ilulissat); IT-79 (Nuuk)

4/8/14 15:00 B-67 : Eqaluk 54
4/8/14 19:30 Nagdlúnguak : IT-79
5/8/14 15:00 Eqaluk 54 : Nagdlúnguak 48
5/8/14 17:00 IT-79 : B-67
6/8/14 13:00 Eqaluk 54 : IT-79
6/8/14 15:00 B-67 : Nagdlúnguak 48

GROUP 2: Nagtoralik (Paamiut); FC Malamuk (Uummannaq); NÛK (Nuuk); G-44 (Qeqertarsuaq)

4/8/14 13:00 NÛK : G-44
4/8/14 17:00 Nagtoralik : FC Malamuk
5/8/14 13:00 FC Malamuk : G-44 
5/8/14 19:00 Nagtoralik : NÛK
6/8/14 17:00 Nagtoralik  : G-44
6/8/14 19:00 FC Malamuk : NÛK

SCRATCHED: TM-62 (Kulusuk)


7/8/14 17:00 4th Group 1 : 4th Group 2


7/8/14 19:00 3rd Group 1 : 3rd Group 2


8/8/14 17:00 Winner Group 1 : Runner-up Group 2 (SF1)
8/8/14 19:00 Winner Group 2 : Runner-up Group 1 (SF2)


9/8/14 17:00 Runner-up SF1 : Runner-up SF1


9/8/14 19:00 Winner SF1 : Winner SF2
AUTHOR'S NOTE:The information featured above was gleaned from Sermitsiaq (newspaper) and KNR (national television and radio stations) websites, plus the PFB archive.

KNR have been busy advertising the GM 2014; they posted the following trailer on YouTube:

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