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Friday, July 10, 2015


Earlier this season, Musei Vaticani won their first Vatican City league championship in many a year, and added the Coppa Sergio Valci to complete their first-ever double when they defeated Santos 3:2 in the final, held on 8/6/15. It was their first cup win since they won the trophy in 2009 when they were known as SS Hermes. Their dream of a clean-sweep was dashed a week after winning the Coppa Sergio Valci when Santos got their revenge on the new double-winners, winning the Super Coppa Vaticana 1:0.

The Vatican City's national team had a couple of fixtures to look forward to during the cup competition; they won the first, held on 14/05/15, against the Nazionale Sindaci Italiana (Italian Municipal Mayors' selection) by 5 goals to 3. Musei Vaticani's Armando Goxhaj, top scorer in all competitions, scored a hat-trick, with Daniele Carilli (Dirtel) scoring twice. The Mayor of Longarone (a town in Trento sadly best-known for a dam burst in 1963 which led to the deaths of over a thousand people), Roberto Padrin, scored a hat-trick for the visitors.

They hosted Liechtenstein side Azzurri Schaan, reserve team of FC Schaan, on 18/06/15, but the game ended in a goalless draw. They got back to winning ways when they hosted a representative team - and twelve away fans - from Lutherstadt Wittemberg (Germany) on 4/7/15, and won this one as well, courtesy of a goal scored in the 40th minute by Marzio Chirieletti. Plans are being made for a return match, to be held in Wittemberg, the city made famous by Martin Luther's Ninety-five Theses, sometime in 2017.

Please find below the results from the 2015 Coppa Sergio Valci, plus some miscellaneous information on the domestic season. Goalscorers have been listed where possible; apologies that this information is a little incomplete, though this will - hopefully - be rectified in time.


13/04/15 20:00 Dirtel 0:4 Santos (Rossi 2, Morabito, OG)
13/04/15 21:00 Fortitudo/Pantheon 0:2 Musei Vaticani (Bnà, Paolone)
14/04/15 21:00 Guardia 0:9 San Pietro (Chirieletti 5, Goxhaj, Sperati, Rizzuti, D. Troiani)
20/04/15 20:00 San Pietro 3:1 Dirtel (Chirieletti, Goxhaj, Puota; Grecco)
20/04/15 21:00 Ass. SS P&P 3:2 Fortitudo/Pantheon (Panella 2, D'Imperio; Ciotola, Cataldo)
21/04/15 21:00 Musei Vaticani 8:0 Guardia (Quarta 5, Berdini, Marini, A. Fadda)
27/04/15 20:00 Fortitudo/Pantheon 0:3 San Pietro (walkover)
28/04/15 21:00 Guardia 0:3 Santos (walkover)
04/05/15 20:00 Santos 0:2 Ass. SS P&P (Russo, Di Virgilio)
05/05/15 21:00 San Pietro 1:1 Musei Vaticani (Goxhaj; Paolone)
11/05/15 20:00 Musei Vaticani 6:0 Dirtel (Quarta 2, Bnà 2, Marini, Berdini)
11/05/15 21:00 Santos 2:1 San Pietro (Morabito, Cittadini; Iafolla)
12/05/15 21:00 Ass. SS P&P 1:0 Guardia (Panzera)
18/05/15 20:00 San Pietro 5:0 Ass. SS P&P (Goxhaj 2, Rizutti, Panfili, Sperati)
18/05/15 21:00 Musei Vaticani 0:0 Santos
19/05/15 21:00 Guardia 5:4 Fortitudo/Pantheon (Wetter 2, Castelluzzo, Tischhauser, OG; Abbattista, Gaudio, Iacovelli, Perugini)
21/05/15 21:00 Dirtel 2:0 Ass. SS P&P** (Pacenza 2)
25/05/15 20:00 Santos 0:3 Fortitudo/Pantheon (walkover?)
25/05/15 21:00 Ass. SS P&P 1:10 Musei Vaticani (Adamo; Quarta 6, A Fadda 2, Paolone, Bnà)
26/05/15 21:00 Dirtel 5:1 Guardia (S Troiani 2, Pacenza, Grecco, Tiburzi; Castelluzzo)
28/05/15 21:00 Fortitudo/Pantheon 0:3 Dirtel* (walkover)


01/06/15 20:00 Musei Vaticani 1:1 Dirtel (Quarta; Grecco)
(Musei Vaticani won 6:5 on penalties)
01/06/15 21:00 San Pietro 0:1 Santos (Morabito)


08/06/15 20:00 Musei Vaticani 3:2 Santos (Quarta, Bnà, Paolone; Perinelli, Rimauro)


15/06/15 20:00 Musei Vaticani 0:1 Santos (N/A)


34 Alessandro QUARTA (Musei Vaticani), 18 Marzio CHIRIELETTI (San Pietro) 15 Armando GOXHAJ (San Pietro), 10 Francesco BNÀ (Musei Vaticani), 10 Corrado ROSSI (Santos), 9 Marco PUOTI (San Pietro)




Francesco MARTELLA (San Pietro)

TOP 20 PLAYERS (no positions available) 

Dario COLLANTI, Walter MAURER (Ass. SS P&P); Daniele CARILLI, Fausto PACCHIANO, Marco TILBURZI (Dirtel); Gianluci ALONZI, Pierfelice SALVATI (Fortitudo/Pantheon); Moreno MORESCO, Philipp STAHEL (Guardia); Francesco BNÀ, Francesco CARA, Andrea MERCIARO, Francesco SECONE (Musei Vaticani); Marzio CHIRIELETTI, Armando GOXHAJ, Marco PUOTI (San Pietro); Santo MORABITO, Roberto PERINELLI, Corrado ROSSI, Massimiliano STRAPETTI (Santos)


14/5/15 11:30 Campo di Albano Laziale Vatican City 5:3 Nazionale Italiana Sindaci (HT: 2:0 - Armando Goxhaj 3, Daniele Carilli 2; Roberto Padrin 3)
18/6/15 20:00 Campo Cardinal Spellman Vatican City 2:2 Azzurri Schaan (scorers unknown)
04/7/15 19:00 Campo Cardinal Spellman Vatican City 1:0 Lutherstadt Wittenberg (HT: 0:0 - Marzio Chirieletti)
Date unknown: Ljubljana Selection of Slovenian ex-professionals 4:0 Vatican City


* Match not played on original date (04/5/15) due to a blackout
** Match rearranged from 27/4/15 
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Many and sincere thanks to Aurelio and the Attività Calcistica Dipendenti Vaticani (ACDV) for their assistance with regard to the above article. Information on the Vatican City's friendlies was taken from the Il Messagero, Mitteldeutschland Zeitung and Die Welt websites.Thanks also to Damián Bonzani for the updates mentioned in the Comments section; they have now been placed in the article proper.


  1. Hi, the match between Vatican City and Schaan Azzurri finished 0-0. The Vatican City national team played another friendly against an Slovenian team (ex professional players) and lost 4-0. Thank you for the cup results.

    Damián Bonzani

  2. Hi Damián, it's good to hear from you again and I hope you're well. Thanks for the information; I'll update the article!

  3. Hi, your Blog is great! Do you have any source for line ups and goal scorers from the internet for the Vatican league? I mean one where the information are published regulary?

  4. Many thanks for your comments, Anonymous; I'm afraid that I can't help you with your request. I receive the information I get on condition that no further details (incuding full contact details) are made public. I couldn't pass the information on to you anyway as you haven't disclosed your own identity, I'm sorry to say!